Worship Recap

Worship Recap…

Strong day at HGBC yesterday. Pastor preached a powerful word out of Ephesians 2:8-9.

We learned these truths:

God makes the purchase

God sets the agenda

God takes the initiative

God does the work of salvation


We also celebrated with several who have finished our Discover HG class and were baptized. It is a great testimony to the work of the Lord and their obedience.

I love being a part of these services.


Here’s the set list from yesterday:

God of our salvation-Whickam


Rock of ages-Crowder

All I have is Christ-Sovereign Grace Music

Man of sorrows-Hillsong


After a full morning of great services, we ended the day with a Night of Prayer at our Main campus. We dedicated the evening to worshipping the Lord through song and prayer. There were prayers for the world, our country, our leaders, our Pastor and his family, our pastoral staff and various leaders at the church, and our congregation. It was great to see them gather in small groups and voice their prayers out loud. I am thankful for what God is doing at Hickory Grove!







Worship Recap…

Sorry this is late but I wanted to go ahead and post this since several folks were asking about the last song we played on Sunday. Here’s the set list:

Let God arise-Tomlin

He is faithful-Bethel 

O for a thousand tongues to sing-Gateway Worship

I desire Jesus-Hillsong

God be praised/Our God reigns-New Life Worship








Worship Recap…

Great day today!
I was able to be gone for a week for a family vacation. We had a fun time at the beach. I must admit though, I missed being at church. I was watching the live stream of our services. I literally can’t get away. So being back today was just wonderful.
Pastor, as usual, did a great job preaching from Jeremiah.
Our people responded to God’s Word during our time of singing. It was awesome just to step back and listen to their voices.

Here’s the set list from today:
God is able-Hillsong
Glorious One-Fee
Mighty to save-Hillsong
All my hope-Hillsong
The Lord Reigns- Still not sure who does this song. I need to find out…


Worship, Worship Recap

Worship Recap…

Another great day in the house on Sunday. We had a lot of people that decided to brave DST and make it to church. Hopefully the Lord will give that hour back to you sometime.

Pastor preached out of Numbers 14 and it was fantastic. Learning what and who to focus on always gets you through that trial. Israel’s poor behavior and lack of faith sheds light on our circumstances today. So glad the Bible is relevant to our lives today!


Here’s the set list from Sunday:

Here for You-Matt Redman

Our God-Tomlin

Beautiful the blood-Steve Fee

Sun and Shield-Gateway Worship

My Savior lives-New Life Worship










My first taste of #IAmPlusOne …

As many of you know a tornado came through our are over this past weekend. We had several crews from Hickory Grove go out and just started helping families piece their homes and lives back together. Well, I went out today and saw for myself some of the destruction. From what I understand, some of our guys stopped to help a guy who had trees down over his driveway. I don’t think they realized how much damage there was until they started clearing away. I was blown away by 3 things in particular today.

1. The amount of trees down in this one yard. We probably had 20+ guys out there today when I was there and we were just making a small dent in it! They are still hard at work. Pray for their safety if you get a chance.

2. These guys from HGBC were not just there to take pictures and help a little. Those guys were on the spot right after the tornado hit and are still working on it today! This family has lots of strong backs with chainsaws to help get back to normal. That’s taking #IAmPlusOne to the next level.

3. When I arrived, I realized that I lived about 2 miles from this spot. It could happen to anyone, folks. I’m glad to know there are good people who just wanna help because it’s the right thing to do. Our guys are serving their community just as Christ served us.

Here are a few pictures from today. Notice the goat in one of the pictures. That’s my shout out to today’s reading of The Year of the Bible. Be sure to keep reading!




I love my church. I am grateful for our guys who take #IAmPlusOne seriously. Will you be +1?