Family Ties

My new guitar…

I recently purchased a new guitar.

I was reluctant to post about it for several reasons which really doesn’t matter now since I’m posting about it.

I had been saving for quite some time to pick up a new guitar. I usually play a Taylor that my sweet wife bought for me before we were married. She worked hard and saved up for a while to buy it. It has traveled many miles and played for many people. I love it but nowhere close to how much I love my wife. Each time I play it, I think about Tammy. It’s special to me.

Well, my dad used to love to hear me sing and play. As much as he could before he passed away, he would come out to hear me lead in worship. It was always really special to see him out there. When he passed away, I knew I wanted to have something to remind me of him. Since he loved music and enjoyed when I played it, I thought it would be appropriate to take whatever monies inherited and saved and buy a guitar.

So I did.

I bought a Martin. I love this guitar. It’s special to me. I am reminded of my dad when I play it.


I’m so thankful for many things.

My relationship with the Lord

My family

My church family

Just to name a few.


I pray the Lord is honored each time we gather to worship.

I also pray that whatever we have, big or small, will be used to bring glory to the Lord alone.







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Great read…

I just finished a great book on marriage. Timothy Keller’s book, The Meaning of Marriage, is a very good and insightful book on marriage. My wife and I read it together and are walking through it with a sweet, young couple who are engaged to be married this summer. It was refreshing to look back into our own marriage of almost 12 years and see God’s hand carry us through. There were hard times and easy times. I am thankful for my lovely wife who seeks the Lord and is very patient. I am probably not the easiest person to try to understand. So regardless of where you are in your marriage or engagement, I recommend this book. You will find great truths that God has put forth in his idea of marriage! Go here and get it!







Family Ties

A broken arm and the body of Christ…

My oldest, Miles, had a pretty traumatic experience this week. He broke his first bone. I say first because I imagine we will go through this several more times in his life, really 3x because of our other two kiddos. While it was a rough day or so for him, he was really lifted up yesterday. We’ve had phone calls, texts, emails, and all such things from people who just wanted to wish him well. This makes me happy as a dad to see people rally around my boy. He felt so much love and support from our church family. Our Pastor and many of the staff contacted me just to check up on Miles. That goes a long way! Miles goes to our Christian school. There are a ton of kids that go to school there. It is a great school and they do a wonderful job teaching my kids about Jesus while also giving them an outstanding education. After the word spread about Miles, we received phone calls and texts from some parents and the faculty. Miles was blown away that his principal called to check on him. His teacher emailed us to let us know that she was praying for him. The Head of School texted to check up on him. Miles was pretty glad that people cared for him. He took notice. He’s a smart little guy. It really meant a lot to him. I am also blown away that people who had other things to tend to stopped and reached out to him. That’s pretty special. That doesn’t happen everywhere. I’m thankful for the family of faith at Hickory Grove and I’m thankful for the impact of Hickory Grove Christian School on my family. This is a special place. I’m grateful to be a part of it!